Day 23

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January 19, 2013 by jannie123

It’s finally weekend and it’s a beautiful day!!

I’m feeling a bit tired, but overall, I’m in good spirit. I’ve been trying to keep up with what my head wants me to do. There’s definitely not enough time in the day to do everything I want. I still have time where I think about him, but lately…. something has changed. I’ve been meeting new people and I see that I deserve to be treated much better! When I reflect on the past relationship, I see that I was always bending backwards and never said no to anyone. I lost myself in the process. However, I see that now I am powerful and I deserve to be loved and treated well….

This is my birthday weekend and I’m gonna keep going out and having fun and living my life to the fullest. I’m not wasting anymore time crying at home. Life is too short for that!!! I’m going to visit some old friends, yoga, and head out tonight for fooseball! Fun Fun Fun!! 😀


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