Why Her, Not Me?

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December 29, 2012 by jannie123

You probably just need only one reason to the heart-wrenching question “Why did he choose her over me?” You tell yourself that you need to try making sense of things, but in reality, you won’t settle until you find that one reason that indicates it was not your fault, that you are still desirable, and that he has made a mistake.

I am no expert, as you can see in my diary, I am still looking for that one answer so that I can feel better and move on. I often think to myself, “If I am so desirable, why does he not see all the fabulous qualities in me?” “Why can’t he be satisfy with what I have to offer?”

If you take a step back and be extremely with yourself, you might see that the other girl does have some positive qualities. The other girl is probably just as fragile and insecure as you are. She probably share similar dreams of finding the right man and settle down. Don’t use your energy on hating the other girl. She might one day also come to realize that the guy just can not commit and she will be in the same position as you are today. If they are getting married, however, be happy for her, as you would for yourself. She

On the other hand, perhaps it was just not meant to be. This is not something anyone want to hear. But perhaps you already know about this. You know deep down that he was not right for you, and you might have been ignoring some red flags that he displayed. There is nothing you can to turn something that was not meant to be into something more. Move forward, go out with your friends and meet new people. I know it is not easy, I am also in the same boat, but life goes on, and we have to accept it.

We might not be able to find the exact answer to the question “Why her, not me?”, but we can find a satisfying solution to that. The solution is to Live your life to the Fullest. Make yourself look hot, be successful at your work, and find an ever better guy! Make him see what he is missing. Remember one day and one thing at a time. Don’t do anything overly drastic. Ignore the guy and the other girl. They are not part of your world. Don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that you are pinning over him!!!!! Focus on your own task and let him see what he missed out on.

I’d like you to take a moment to leave a comment below. Write down your goals and possibly on how you are going to achieve it. These goals, whatever they are, have to be about you and something that really excites you. Writing your goals down will make it more likely you can achieve them. Soon, maybe your next question won’t be “Why her, not me?”, instead it might be “How do I get him to stop wanting me again!?”


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