The Most Important Ingredient in Getting Over Him

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December 29, 2012 by jannie123

Are you feeling heartbroken and sad? Is your mind replaying over and over the good times you had together? Do you think you will ever get over him? I do believe we will get over this time. So what is the most important ingredient to getting over him you ask? I believe it is …. **drum roll please** …. DISCIPLINE. 


Sorry for the boring answer, but discipline is the mother of all goodness. The things that we do day in and out that matters most. I’d like to think that each day is a snapshot of your life. What you did today and how you budget your time is a reflection of what your life looks like. Are you still waiting for tomorrow to do what you should have done today? While we do need to take some time off for ourselves, such as now during the breakup, we should still do the things we need to do. Get out of bed and go to work, school, and gym. Do what you must. Developing a habit and discipline will help you get through the darkest time. The first step of moving on is making sure your life is in order.

Not only should we be be disciplined in our chores and obligations, we should also be disciplined in our thoughts. You know, deep down, you will emerge from this storm. Everyone who has ever lived has gone through a breakup, and there are still 7 billion people in the world. They survived the heartbreak, and so can you! Discipline your mind to think about positive thoughts only. If you mind begin to wander about the good times you had in the past, force yourself to snap out of it. Tell your brain that you must focus on your task at hand.

When you are disciplined, your positive deeds and mindsets will pile up. You will start noticing a better body from working out and more work done at your job. You would have trained your brain to be more positive and focus on the present instead of the past. The rewards of discipline is endless. This is the time to let your body take over your mind. Stop analyzing, and focus on doing and experimenting with new things. As Nike said, Just do it”. Now go do what you need to do!






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