Beware of your Timeline


December 29, 2012 by jannie123

I’m soon going to be 29 years old. It’s scary thinking that I’m still single while many of my friends are living with their boyfriends or even had a baby already. Although I’d like to think I look young for my age, I can’t deny the fact that my biological clock is tacking. No matter how well I take care of myself, I know my body does age over time. I recently read an article on how  your fertility decline at a rate of 3.5% per year after Age 30 (EEKS). Women are born with a million eggs that she will ever use for the rest of her life. By puberty, the number of eggs decline to 300,000. The best eggs are used while she is young. As she ages, her eggs decline in quality, thus, the chance of her child having down syndrome or any other abnormality increases.

This is a harsh truth. How long can you wait around for the guy? If you wait around for a guy, you might get too old to have babies. Although there are lots of fertility treatments such as freezing your eggs available, the treatments are extremely costly (at least $5000+). Why wait around and give up the chance of having what you want when you could find someone who will share what you want?

I have been reading some relationship articles and videos online. Many middle aged women cried and laminated the fact that they gave their best years to a man who never returned their love. Those best years are something they will never get back. It’s really sad reading or watching the videos, and I certainly do not want to share their experiences!

We can choose to look at this harsh truth as a motivation. Since our biological clock is tacking, we cannot afford to wait around much longer. If the guy doesn’t love you now, how long are you willing to wait for him to smarten up? He might change, but he might never get better. If you do desire children (and be honest to yourself), then you need to wipe those tears off, put your best self forward, and go out and attract the love of your life! Don’t wait around for him anymore. We have only infinite time and we deserve to get everything our heart desire. If you and him are meant to be, he will return. Let him go for now.

Lots of love,



2 thoughts on “Beware of your Timeline

  1. Tracy says:

    I would first pin point what you really want: a meaningful lifelong partnership or a baby, because one doesn’t necessarily beget the other. As my friends get closer to 30 and above, I see them settling for guys that they don’t really love because they’re afraid of not being able to have a baby. Some of them have ended up divorced and feeling even more crunched for time, and some have ended up having babies and fight with their partner all the time. Is that the kind of relationship you want to bring a child into?
    29 is not old, and when you find the right guy things move so fast. It can seem like you’re years from catching up to everyone else on facebook, but then the next day you can find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and a year later you have a baby.
    The worst thing you can do (to yourself and to any guy your dating) is bring that added time pressure into the relationship.
    I hope that didn’t sound to preachy.
    good luck!

    • jannie123 says:

      You are so right Tracey. Many things we do in life is done to create meaningful relationships. If one is to have a baby, they need to have a stable environment and a solid relationship. It’d be terrible to deal with the stress of raising a baby and a having a divorce at the same time! Thank you so much for your comment. When you meet the right person, things will just fall into place. The universe will provide us what we need when the time is right

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